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Prayer Cycle for December

No. 108 December 2021

This month we continue to pray for our Deanery and with a special focus on Christmas in our Churches.

Please pray for:

  • All of us as we continue to take precautions against the spreading of the Covid 19 virus.
  • Advent Services as we prepare ourselves for Christmas.
  • All Christmas services: Carol Services, Christingles, Crib Services, Midnight Mass, and Christmas Day Services.
  • Those coming to Church this Christmas for the first time in many months, and those for whom Christmas is their only visit.
  • All our festivities and opportunities to be with friends.
  • Owlsmoor, Sat 18th December 4-6pm Walk Thru’ Nativity, Sun 19th December 6.30pm Carol Service
  • All Saints Wokingham giving thanks and praying for the church choir coming together to sing Nine Lessons and Carols on Christmas Eve after such a long break; and that the booking system for services will work well so everyone will feel safe and comfortable and able to focus on Christmas worship without anxiety.
  • Sandhurst, Christmas buffet on the 28th December which is our lunch for the isolated in the community, and the work of Sandhurst Youth as they continue their outreach work in Sandhurst Over Christmas.
  • Boxing Day Services.
  • All who find Christmas a difficult time for whatever reason
  • Winnersh and Bearwood, and Crowthorne, in vacancy, for the writing of Parish Profiles and for all additional work and responsibility for Church Wardens, LLMs and PCCs.
  • St Sebastians, and their Vicar, Andrew Marsden, and his wife, Ros, as he is still too unwell to work, that he will regain his health and strength, and for all those taking on new responsibilities and tasks to keep things in the Parish going.

In the wider world please pray:

  • That decisions and promises made at COP26 will be kept
  • For all countries already severely affected by climate change.
  • For all refugees and displaced people separated from family and friends, especially at Christmas time.

Almighty God,
give us grace to cast away the works of darkness
and to put on the armour of light,
now in the time of this mortal life,
in which your Son Jesus Christ came to us in great humility;
that on the last day,
when he shall come again in his glorious majesty to judge the living and the dead,
we may rise to the life immortal;
through him who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.


Prayer Cycle for November

No. 107 November 2021

This month our special focus is on St John the Baptist Crowthorne

Please pray for:

Church Wardens:       Leigh Welham and Leslie Richardson

LLMs:                           Gillian Gyenes, Hazel Berry, Julia Norton

PCC Secretary:           Mary Harwood

Treasurer:                    Rebecca Al-Jadir

In the Parish, please pray for:

  • Wisdom and discernment for those with responsibility for making decisions about the future for our parish.
  • The Church Wardens, LLMs and PCC as we work together during this time of vacancy.
  • Carol Frost as she is Licensed as an LLM at Christ Church in Oxford on 7 November.
  • The regular Sunday 10am Eucharist and the midweek Wednesday 10am service.
  • Our whole church community, those attending the services, those listening online and for all who make it possible for these services to take place safely at this difficult time.
  • The Sunday Club at St John’s for children aged 5-11 starting monthly on Sunday 7 November.
  • Minus 5s at 9.30 on Wednesdays starting on 3 November.
  • The Remembrance Day Service on 14 November at the Lych Gate our War Memorial.
  • The office and those who volunteer.
  • Our Church School and our input leading assemblies there.
  • The pastoral outreach personally and through the weekly news online and delivered personally.
  • The Mothers Union meetings and pastoral outreach.
  • The Friday prayer Group
  • And give thanks for all the clergy who are visiting week by week to conduct services

In the Deanery, please pray for:

  • Deanery Standing Committee on Wednesday 3rd November on Zoom
  • Deanery Synod on Wednesday 24th November on Zoom
  • Winnersh and Bearwood, who are in vacancy
  • St Sebastian’s Church and Andrew Marsden working reduced hours because of his health.
  • All Saints Wokingham giving thanks for the amazing generosity and support so far for our spaceforall community project to reorder the church building, that the right tender price will come in this month for the project, and that work can proceed without further delay.

In the Wider World please pray for:

  • The COP 26 Conference 11 October – 12 November, that it will produce action for the good of the planet, not just talk.
  •  All refugees arriving in this area, especially at this time those from Afghanistan and Hong    Kong.

Loving God,
We praise your name with all you have created.

You are present in the whole universe,
and in the smallest of creatures.

We acknowledge the responsibilities you have placed upon us
as stewards of your creation.

May the Holy Spirit inspire all political leaders at COP26 as they
seek to embrace the changes needed to foster a more sustainable society.

Instil in them the courage and gentleness to implement fairer solutions
for the poorest and most vulnerable,
and commit their nations to the care of Our Common Home.

We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ your Son. Amen      (CAFOD)

Prayer Cycle for October

No. 106 October 2021

This month our special focus is on Arborfield with Barkham and Christ Church Wokingham

Please pray for:

  • Arborfield – Give thanks for God’s safe keeping of the church family over the summer, and the opportunity this autumn to consider once again the wonder of Jesus as we look at Matthew’s gospel together.
  • Barkham – Give thanks for the number of new babies born to the church family over the past year. Pray that we will be able to re-establish a safe and welcoming creche that not only serves new parents, but that encourages other young families to join us.
  • Christ Church – Please pray for the appointment of a new minister to serve the church
  • Church at the Green – Please pray for our children’s groups, as we now have 40 children under 13; giving thankfs for the many children and for wisdom in the organising of teams of leaders

In the Deanery, please pray for:

  • Sonning Deanery Synod as we meet to discuss the Deanery Plan for 2021/22
  • The elections for General Synod which are happening in the next weeks, and for those standing, giving thanks for their willingness to serve and lead.
  • The congregation at St Nicholas, Emmbrook who are dealing with a number of deaths at the moment in a relatively small and tightly knit congregation.
  • For Winnersh and Bearwood and Crowthorne as they settle into a time of vacancy, and for the possibility for reflection and development which that stage allows.
  • As our Parish activities restart, that we will all continue to respect the advice about social distancing and other measurers to keep ourselves and others safe.
  • Our special services celebrating Harvest.
  • Our local Food Banks and the vital role they fulfil.

In the wider world, continue to pray for:

  • All those affected by the regime-change in Afghanistan especially the women and that we will show compassion to those coming to settle in this country.
  • That we will all read and take seriously the IPCC climate report, and act responsibly.
  • Those who will be adversely affected by the ending of the £20 enhancement of Universal Credit on 6 October.

Creator God, you made the goodness of the land, the riches of the sea, and the rhythm of the seasons. As we thank you for the harvest, may we cherish and respect this planet and its peoples, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen


No. 105 September 2021

This month our special focus is on our Sonning Deanery Synod

Please pray for:

Area Dean:                  Rev Richard Lamey

Assistant Area Dean:  Rev Jane Kraft

All Deanery Synod Members

  • The work towards the new Deanery Plan for the year ahead, that it will be focused, effective and blessed by the Holy Spirit
  • The Deanery Standing Committee as they meet on 8th Sept that they form a good team and work well together
  • Deanery Synod meeting on 22nd September
  • Give thanks for John Sutton who has been elected as Lay chair and praying for him as he takes on this role
  • Give thanks for Lynne Paine who has been elected Deanery Treasurer and praying for her has she takes on this role

In the Deanery, please pray for:

  • Rev Leonard Onugha as he settles in as Rector of Finchampstead, and for his family.
  • Rev Becky Medlicott as she settles in as curate at Wokingham All Saints and for her family.
  • Rev Richard Eves as he settles in as Curtate in Wargrave and for his family.
  • St Georges Owlsmoor as they start an Alpha Course on Tuesday 14th September that God will send the right people to join the course.
  • Rev Lisa Cornwell as she leaves Crowthorne to take up a post in the Guildford Diocese, and for her husband Mike, that they will be blessed as they journey on.
  • All at St John the Baptist Crowthorne as they begin the vacancy and especially those carrying extra responsibility for caring for the parish.
  • Those who still feel uncertain, isolated and forgotten that we will continue to care for them and make provision for their needs.
  • All children and young people as they return to school and college. May the measures taken to keep them safe from the virus be effective so that their study can continue uninterupted.

In the wider world, please pray for:

  • The people of Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake, for all those killed or injured and those who lost family, friends, home and livelihood
  • All those affected by the regime-change in Afghanistan for those who are fleeing that they will find asylum, and those who are staying that they will be kept safe.
  • That we will all read and take seriously the IPCC climate report, and act responsibly.

God of love,
turn our hearts to your ways;
and give us peace.

Prayer Cycle for August

No 104 August 2021

This month our special focus is on the holiday season.

Please pray and give thanks:

  • For the holiday season, that it will be a real time of rest and refreshment for all.
  • For the excitement and anticipation of planning, for freedom from routine and for new experiences and opportunities.
  • For our wonderful world that wherever we go we are surrounded by your creation and the rich variety in nature.

Please remember:

  • Those who for whatever reason are unable to have a holiday.

In the Deanery, please pray for:

  • Winnersh and Bearwood in an interregnum.
  • Crowthorne as the Parish moves into an interregnum at the beginning of September.
  • Lisa Cornwell and her husband Mike as Lisa takes up a tutoring post in the Guildford Diocese.
  • Finchampstead and California as Leonard Onugha and his family settle into the Parish and community.
  • Judi Hattaway mourning the death of her husband Mick and for Mick may he rest in peace.

In the wider community please pray:

  • For the continuing role out of the Corona virus vaccine, for those involved in administering it and for the re-assurance it gives us.
  • The relaxation of restrictions that we will all continue to take the necessary measures to keep ourselves and others safe.

A Blessing for the holidays

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
Traditional Celtic Blessing

Prayer Cycle for July

July 2021 No. 103

This month our special focus is on St Sebastian’s Church

Please pray for:

Vicar:                          Rev’d Andrew Marsden

LLMs:                         David Hare, Russell Shipton, Wendy Wickens,

Church Wardens:    Nigel Wickens, Mary Unwin

Treasurer:                  Celia Waters

PCC Secretary:         Vacant

Office Administrator: Vacant

In the Parish, please pray for:

  • Our vicar Andrew and his wife Ros, who have had a hard year health wise. 
  • All those affected by Covid, those still recovering and the families and friends of people who have died.
  • The continuing restarting of services in church, that people will feel welcomed back and, despite the limitations, enjoy worshipping with others and feel safe.
  • The Base, children & young families outreach service:
  • Team leaders Amy & Marvin and Base team planning and running the Base services.
  • Children and adults to come to faith in Jesus and for discipleship.
  • More families to attend The Base. 
  • Our young people that they will grow in faith through serving at The Base. 
  • Families who attend the Little Angels club to come to The Base. 
  • Our Church life:
  • PCC roles,
  • School governor roles
  • The Church administrator position to be filled according to God’s will.
  • Church family friendships.
  • Growth and deepening of our community life and unity in the body of Christ.
  • Outreach into our local community through helpful friendships. 

In the Deanery, please pray for:

  • Cara Smart Assistant Curate at St Paul’s being ordained Priest 26 June and tocelebrate her first Eucharist on 27 June.
  • Richard Eves to serve in Wargrave with Knowl Hill and Becky Medicott to serve at All Saints Wokingham both to be ordained deacon on 3 July.
  • James Warren retired from Winnersh and Bearwood on 27 June and for those on whom the burden of caring for the parish and for all the people during the vacancy.
  • Leonard Onugha as he comes to Finchhampstead as Rector in July.
  • Hugh Barne, curate at Wargrave taking up a post in the Truro Diocese.
  • Gemma Donnell, curate at Finchampstead taking up a post in the Salisbury Diocese.

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Prayer Cycle for June

No. 102 June 2021

This month our special focus is on St Mary’s Twyford, St Nicholas Hurst,        and St James Ruscombe

Please pray for:

Incumbent:                Rev Anna Harwood
Associate Priests:    Rev Graham Theobald
Helen Charlton
Church Wardens:   Sue Payne, Jenny Beasley Smith
Maggie Barnes, Lucy Bowley
Children and Family worker: Ele Buckley
Youth Worker:          Connor Heath
Treasurer:                  Keith Hay
PCC Secretary:         Christine Ferris

In the Benefice, please pray for:

  • Continuing work our vision ‘Shaped, trusting, growing in Christ and inspired by the Holy Spirit’. Which we have been looking at for a while now and is very exciting and has huge potential.
  • Our administration and operation posts which are being reviewed. Both now need to be a paid post and our finances but our finances are challenged

In the Deanery, please pray for:

  • The process around a new Deanery Plan – for energy, enthusiasm, engagement and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • Rev Dr Leonard Onaugh who will be moving to Finchampstead and California in July to be installed as Rector, and for his family.
  • Rev Hugh Barne and Rev Gemma Donnell who will be moving to be Incumbents in Truro and Salisbury Dioceses at the end of their curacies.
  • Rev James Warren as he retires as interim minister of Winnersh and Bearwood on 27 June and the vacancy that will create.
  • All those in our Churches working to keep us safe as we worship and for the joy that we soon hope to be able to meet in groups to share our stories.
  • Foodbanks and for our generosity to keep them supplied with good and nutritious food for those in need.

In this country and the world for:

  • Our Government that  they will make wise decisions about the easing of restrictions.
  • Those parts of this country and countries all over the world suffering badly from the Virus and its variants.
  • All those suffering hardships as a result of the Pandemic.
  • That people will be cautious and wise as they begin to travel abroad.

Prayer Cycle for May

No. 101                                           May 2021

This month our special focus is on St Pauls, St Nicholas Embroolk and Woosehill

Please pray for:

Rector:                                   Reverend Richard Lamey
Associate Priests:           Reverend Jane Kraft and Reverend Judi Hattaway
Assistant Curate:           Reverend Cara Smart
Woosehill Methodist Minister:   Reverend Soba Sinnathamby
Methodist Lay Preacher: Doreen Murgatroyd
Parish Administrator:        Louise Cole
Churchwardens (St Paul’s): Peter Wells, David Ruddock
Pro-Wardens (St Nick’s): Liz Gallagher and Fiona Albinson
Woosehill Stewards:          John Hoskins and Steve Lewis
PCC Treasurer:                      Lyn Austen
PCC Secretary:                      Lesley Ruddock
Woosehill Council Secretary: Emma Wells
Woosehill Treasurer:          Lynne Paine

At St Pauls and St Nicholas, please pray for:

  • All those who are preparing for their baptisms, for the welcome they will receive and for their lifelong journey with Christ.
  • Those who are getting married this year, for the couples whose weddings have been postponed and for those who are newly engaged.  We pray that their lives may be filled with love for each other, those around them and for God.
  • Wisdom and discernment as we listen to God and one another when working out how best to serve the community as we emerge from lockdown.
  • For all who minister and worship across the parish, that there will be moments of rest and relaxation after this past year.
  • All who are grieving the loss of a loved one or have not been able to attend funerals of those they mourn, that they will know God’s comfort.

At Woosehill, please pray for:

  • Those leading us at this difficult socially distanced time.
  • Ourselves as we remember some things we used to do before the lockdowns which may not come back and other things we need to start doing or do differently in response to the needs of community and the congregation.
  • The staff & stewards who are committed to spending the time between March and August, together with members of the congregation, to position ourselves ready for the Autumn and for new opportunities which are all around us,
  • Rediscovery of our purpose and our joy, reminding ourselves what is special about worshipping at Woosehill and being part of an LEP.
  • The process of managing the transition from where we are now back to a more relaxed and more familiar world.

In the Deanery, please pray for:

  • The recruitment of a new Family Worker at St Michael’s, Sandhurst and for Angela Harper as she moves away.
  • All our parishes as we celebrate Ascension Day and Pentecost.

God our Father

For the Spirit of Peace
that calms our mind
and stills our life,
we give you thanks.
For the Spirit of Love
that touches hearts
and reaches out,
we give you thanks.
For the Spirit of Joy
that lifts our soul
and gives us faith
we give you thanks.
For the Spirit of Power,
that gift of grace
for this your church,
we give you thanks.

Prayer Cycle for April

No. 100 April 2021

This month our special focus is on Wokingham All Saints.

Please pray for:

Rector: Reverend Canon David Hodgson

Associate Priest: Reverend Hannah Higginson (on maternity leave)

Honorary Priest: Reverend Colin James

Authorised Lay Preacher: John Boylan

Churchwardens: Clive Charlton, Alun James

PCC Treasurer: Anne King

Parish Administrator & PCC Secretary: Jane Hodgson

In the Parish, please pray for:

  • For all who worship at All Saints Church
  • The Spaceforall project to revitalise the church building and provide a community space.
  • Mission and outreach in the new housing estates in the parish
  • Becky Medlicott preparing for ordination in the summer coming to All Saints as a curate-in-training.
  • Chrispen Gumbs ordinand in training on placement at All Saints.

In the Deanery, please pray for:

  • All our churches and especially those which have been worshipping online as they begin to open up again for worship in church.
  • Our keeping of Good Friday.
  • Our celebration of Easter Day.
  • St Pauls and Woosehill Churches as they return to in-person worship for Holy Week, and for all of the conversations around which activities to re-start and when to re-start them – that we will be guided by the Spirit to know what to pick up and which new opportunities and moments we should pursue.
  • Those who have been most badly affected by the last 12 months, giving thanks for those who have been so selfless and generous during these last weeks.
  • Woosehill Church, a long established. single congregation Local Ecumenical Partnership in the Parish of St Paul, Wokingham where 2021 is going to be a time of change, adjustment and reflection for every part of society and every Church. Woosehill has seen a change in ordained leadership, some people have moved away over the last 18 months and others have changed their Church. We have committed to undertaking a thorough review of our activities over the coming months and ask your prayers during this process.
  • St John the Baptist Crowthorne as we return to worship in Church on Easter Sunday, but also for all those who will miss the videoed services.

In our country, our leaders and ourselves:

  • For wisdom for our leaders as they continue to plan and monitor the easing of restriction
  • That we will all behave responsibly to stop the spread of the virus.
  • Giving thanks for the continuing role out of the vaccine and all that it means to each of us in our community life.
  • Continuing to remember all those who have lost their lives as a result of Covid 19 and those who mourn their loss

In the world please pray:

  • For those working on new vaccines and those refining the existing vaccines particularly as the virus mutates.

When everything was dark
and it seemed that the sun would never shine again,
your love broke through.

Your love was too strong
too wide,
too deep
for death to hold.

The sparks cast by your love
dance and spread
and burst forth
with resurrection light.

by the Revd Michaela Youngson.