Chapter Programme






12 September 2017 Walk and Lunch Piers Bickersteth Richard Lamey
10 October 2017 Vocations Rev Tina Molyneux Julie Mintern
14 November 2017 Bible Study- Mark’s Gospel John Castle Catharine Vaughan
12 December 2017 Reading Refugee Centre and Refugee situation in Berks and Wokingham. Nick Harborne and Syrian refugee Julie Ramsbottom
January 16th with bring and share supper. EVENING MEETING and bring and share supper Greater Chapter– Alison Webster Social Responsibility Officer for the Diocese of Oxford. Probably be at St James Finchampstead Parish Rooms. Julie Ramsbottom All clergy to muck in and help
13th February 2018 Review of Lent Materials/Books being used David Hodgson Colin James
13th March 2018 Thy Kingdom Come—what is happening with this around the patch Catharine Vaughan Lisa Cornwell
10th April 2018

NB No meeting

Easter break Easter break Easter break
8th May 2018 New Communities/new estates Julian McAllen Andrew Marsden
12th June 2018 Bible Study Patrick Mukholi Anna Harwood
10 July 2018 Planning Meeting for next year Julie Ramsbottom Jane Kraft

Facilitators – please note that the task of the facilitator is to ensure that the meeting runs smoothly:

  1. to arrive early enough to help prepare the meeting room 12.15pm

  2. to serve the tea, coffee, juice and biscuits (brought by the Area Dean) as members eat their lunch (12.15pm – 12.45pm)

  3. to facilitate the opening time of prayer (12.45 – 1.00pm)

  4. to introduce the speaker (if any) and chair the meeting (1.00 – 1.45pm)

  5. to ensure time is left for both the Area Dean’s and other members’ notices (1.45 – 2.00pm)

JH 22/08/17