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Café Theologique

Café Theologique

Monday 25 March,

7.30pm, Reading
Jesus: The Lamb. Re-examining the imagery 
Revd Conrad Hicks, Assistant Chair of the Methodist Church (South Eastern District) and former overseas minister in Jamaica, Ireland and Mexico, explores the Easter theme of Jesus as Lamb of God. Zero Degrees Bar, Bridge Street, RG1 2LR.

No charge, no booking.

Monday 29 April
Time: 7:30pm

Faith in the Shadow of Grenfell, 

Rev Dr Mike Long, minister to the Methodist church next door to Grenfell tower, reflects on the tragedy and the Church’s response. As a result of his work in the local area Mike was appointed the housing charity Shelter’s chair for their commission on “a vision for social housing”.
Venue: Zero Degrees Bar, Bridge Street,  Reading RG1 2LR.

No charge, no booking.

Monday 20 May
Time: 7:30pm

Recycling Old Wineskins? Reading the Old Testament in Context

What should we do with the tricky bits in the ‘Old Testament’? asks Robin Baker, Professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern Studies in the Department of Theology, Religious Studies and Philosophy at the University of Winchester.

Robin has written extensively on the strange world of the Bible including the books of Judges and Jeremiah. His focus is particularly on the relationship between the Old Testament and Assyrian and Babylonian beliefs and cultic practice, and reflections of Mesopotamian literature in the Hebrew Bible.

Venue: Zero Degrees Bar, Bridge Street, Reading RG1 2LR.
No charge, no booking.