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The Children’s Society have produced a new church youth group resource. The sessions are built upon their first-hand knowledge of supporting young people, no matter what issues they may face. It contains six youth group sessions from a faith perspective to help youth workers unpack key topics such as identity, sexting, mental health, healthy relationships and life online, empowering your young people to support themselves and their peers.
Each session is aimed at 11-16 year olds and is around an hour and a half long but can be adapted. See

Ancora from Scripture Union


GOAAvailableNow[1]You can help ensure children are engaging with the Bible in an innovative and richly immersive way…

  • If you’re a parent or grandparent, Auntie or Uncle, why not share Guardians of Ancora with the children in your family and get them engaging with the Bible in this new and innovative way?
  • If you work with children in churches or schools you could share Guardians of Ancora with the children in your groups and help to bring the Bible to life for them.
  • If you’re helping to run any mission work this summer, perhaps you could introduce the children to the game or even incorporate it into your programme?
  • If you don’t have your own children or you’re not involved in children’s work yourself, perhaps there are others you could share Guardians of Ancora with who would love to have a resource like this to use.
  • And whatever your situation, why not share the game with your church so that as many children as possible can discover the incredible adventures of the Bible?

To download Ancora, go to the Scripture Union Website:

Making Ministry easier

brflogo_0_0_0[1] Making Ministry Easier :
Three new resources available from BRF to help resource Sunday services and church life.  

Help! It’s the All-Age Slot: 52 instant talk outlines for church services (details).

The No-Rehearsal Nativity : a church nativity resource with a difference (details).

Walking in Their Shadow : supporting children and young people through bereavement (details).


Stage-Fright is a theatre company which explores the thin places between heaven and earth, life and art, faith and theatre.

Their latest piece is called ‘EPICS in moderation’
Stage-Fright presents a series of happenings that changed the world. Witness the epic heroes of ordinary life standing awkwardly beside the pompous demigods of history. A variety of vicissitudes boiled down into sweet sticky moments.



Soulscape empower young people to explore their own stories of faith, relationships and education, encouraging them to tell it their own way. To enable this they provide…

  • Personal stories, opinions research, and a variety of Christian perspectives on a whole range of issues for them to question challenge and formulate.

  • Creative safe spaces and activities outside the pressures of life that connect with their soul and develop their spiritual literacy.

  • Positive contexts for reviewing the story of education and tools to help make positive choices.

soulscapeRecently over 1000 children from across the Wokingham area have been part of the Mind the Gap project, helping children transition from primary to secondary school.

Soulscape’s purpose is to create space to explore life.

That means physical and mental  space, purposely  created in our schools, to go deeper than the superficial ‘stuff ‘ that bombards young people. Soulscape engages them in a much deeper conversation, that helps them search their soul in meaningful engaging ways. Helping them navigate the world in which they live and ask the big questions…

For more info visit their website

Contrast Youth Group

Contrast Youth Group runs every Sunday evening in term time for kids in school years 6-8. They meet at St James’ Church, Finchampstead for fun, food and chat. Do come along to meet new people, or bring your friends with you!

Subs are £1.50 a week and there are also sweets for sale.


6pm – 7:30pm.

Finchampstead also runs a monthly group for older teens, meeting in the curate’s house. Please contact the church office on 01189 730133 for more information.

Good News for Young People

Melanie Hawgood
PA to Director of Mission, Admin to PDA’s and Christian Giving and Funding Adviser writes:

For those of you that were able to attend one of the ‘Good News for Young People’ days or evenings, we hope you found it enjoyable and useful in the mission to reach out and engage through your Church with young people. For those that were not able to attend, you may be interested in viewing a recording of one of the days which was kindly recorded by Bill Blakey in St John the Evangelist, Carterton. This recording, presentation and booklet ‘101 (or more) Ideas for developing church and school communities’ are now available on our website via the following link:

Alternatively the document can be downloaded here.