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Exploring the Beatitudes


The Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft, Bishop of Oxford

Together, we are called to be more Christ-like: to be the Church of the Beatitudes: contemplative, compassionate and courageous for the sake of God’s world.

As part of the Bishop of Oxford’s invitation to everyone in the diocese to explore the Beatitudes, this three-session course has been produced in time for Advent. It is a 32 page booklet, written by Bishop Steven, and is suitable for small groups. Follow the weblink in the booklet for accompanying audio and video resources. 

I’m hoping churches will use this specially written resource to help them study and understand the Beatitudes. For me the Beatitudes have eight beautiful qualities, but eight is quite a lot to remember so I’ve been keen to capture what they mean in three words: contemplative, compassionate and courageous. I want people to be asking what do these words teach us and tell us about Jesus, what do they tell us about being human in the 21st century and what do they tell us about what kind of Church we’re called to be.’ Bishop Steven

Order copies of the booklet. Each member should have a booklet not just the leader.

Website  Sample


Safeguarding training



7.45 -10.00pm (coffee from 7.30)

St John the Baptist Church,
Waterloo Road, Crowthorne RG45 7NT

Safeguarding training is essential for everyone working with children and adults (note not just vulnerable adults) in our churches and everyone with governance responsibilities (eg PCC members), and everyone in a position of trust. The training must be repeated every three years.

There will be a C1 Safeguarding Training Session at our Church on Monday 4th December. The trainer will be David Horrocks who is a lay minister at St James’ Barkham, and part of the Diocese’s voluntary team of Safeguarding trainers. 

This training is designed to build on a Basic Awareness e-learning training session which has been developed by the Church of England National Safeguarding Team and can be accessed through the following link: a

To access it you need to choose the Online Courses option and create an account to begin using the materials.   You need to detail which parish you attend and that this is part of the Diocese of Oxford so that the information can be included in the Diocesan training report. 

Note that it can take 24 hours to receive log-in information before you can access the

This e-learning module is free to use and available for anyone to access.  It takes about 45 minutes to complete.  There is an option to part complete and return at a later date.  This module covers in detail the different types of abuse for children and vulnerable adults and the possible indicators of these.  During the C1 safeguarding training session this will not be covered in the same level of detail.

To book a place, please contact Hazel Berry direct on: 01344 772578 or



Each year our treasurers, administrators, wardens, and PCCs make buying decisions for their churches which add up to over £147 million across the Church.  To help with all these procurement decisions, the Parish Buying team have put together some buying tips from the experts to help you make the most of your budgets.

Procurement Top Ten Tips The aim of these top tips, and of Parish Buying as a whole, is to save the Church £10,000,000 a year through better procurement decisions; avoiding high costs, misleading contracts, and unnecessary spending

And it doesn’t stop with advice. All Parish Buying contracts are carefully vetted by their Procurement team, with over 55 years combined experience, to ensure your church gets the best deal. You can access all of these contracts by registering for free on the Parish Buying website, or contacting the team on 0800 368 0887 or

Faculty Application System

Faculty application system now available online

Posted on 4th January, 2016

We are now able to offer the option of applying online for faculties or List B (archdeacon’s) permissions. A guidance note on the online system and how to register is available here:

We are still able to accept applications via email and post, however, we hope that you find the online system a useful way to track your application and submit documents.