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Sonning Deanery Prayer Cycle for February

____________________________________________________Number 62                     February 2018

This month our special focus is on Wargrave with Knowl Hill

Please pray for:

The Vicar : Rev John Cook

Curates in training: Rev Hugh Barne, Rev Stephen Turville

Church Wardens Wargrave: Christine Walker and Salome Laschinger

Church Warden Knowl Hill: David Manning and Christopher Westacott

Treasurer: Jane Wills

Parish Administrator: Kim Moul

PCC Secretary: Hayden Selwyn-Jones

In the Parish please give thanks for:

  • The Christmas services which all had the  largest attendance in memory at Wargrave and Knowl Hill.
  • Clergy and lay ministry team and all the work they are do in the parish.

In the Parish please pray for:

  • St Peter’s, Knowl Hill, and church school next door as we discuss shared use of church building as ‘worship space’ and for the school.
  • The Christianity Explored course which has just started with folk exploring what it means to be a Christian after the Christmas services, and other evangelistic events.
  • Work on the Wargrave church annexe; for Nick Rule (architect), for safety on site, and progress on all the work, and for the team managing the various aspects of this venture.

In the Deanery please pray for:

  • Rev Catherine Vaughan and Gill (a member of St George’s Church) who will be visiting Rwanda from 8th – 16th February with young people from Sandhurst Secondary School and Wellington College
  • The observance of Lent in all our Churches and for us as individuals
  • All Lent study groups and Lent lectures
  • The increased use of Food Banks in the area and for those who use them

Hazel Berry: