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Surviving the Break Up


The Adult Experience of Divorce.
The evening covers some of the feelings experienced by people – anger, sorrow, low esteem and helplessness. Some ways of dealing with these feelings are also explored.
The Effect of Divorce on the Children.
This session looks at how children react to separation and divorce, with suggestions for making this period as easy as possible for them.
Legal Aspects of Divorce.
A local solicitor gives advice and information on the financial and legal aspects of divorce.
Happiness, Confidence & Independence.
An opportunity to explore who we are, who we can be and how to move forward towards our own happiness.
Quotes From Former Participants.
‘… it was good to be with other people who knew how I was feeling, because they were feeling it too.’
‘… the solicitor helped us to see what questions we needed to ask and which practical issues needed to be faced.’
‘… the specialists helped us to understand what was happening and were a springboard for the discussions that followed.’
‘… the course took me forward.’

This is a 4-session course designed for anyone who is at any stage of separation, break up or divorce. It has been created to help people understand the process involved in splitting up. There is an opportunity to meet and gain support from other people in a similar situation.
Each evening consists of a short talk, followed by the chance to discuss experiences in small groups.
Dates: Wednesday evenings at 8:00pm
6th, 13th, 20th and 27th November 2019
Venue: St Sebastian’s Parish Centre,
Nine Mile Ride, Wokingham.
Cost: There is a small fee of £10.00 to cover refreshments, administration costs, etc. However, please do ask if this proves difficult as fees can be reduced or waived.
Please Contact: St Sebastian’s Parish Centre, Nine Mile Ride,
Wokingham, RG40 3AT
Telephone: 01344 761050
(9:00am – 3:00pm Monday-Friday)


Morally Courageous Leadership,

The Winder Lecture, Warfield,
Sunday 3 November, 7pm

With Major General Tim Cross, CBE, former Director General of the UK Defence Supply Chain. He served in the first Gulf War, in Iraq, the Balkans and Northern Ireland.  Flyer

St Frideswide Day

St Frideswide Day
Saturday 19 October 
The Priory, on which our Cathedral was built, was an important destination for medieval pilgrims.

On 19 October there will be a range of guided walks of varying lengths, bringing pilgrims into the city of Oxford from all points of the compass and all corners of the Diocese to a 4pm
St Frideswide Pilgrimage Service.


Café Théologique

Café Théologique

Zero Degrees Bar, Bridge St. Reading
All welcome, no charge, no booking

“Faith and Wisdom in Science: The Science-Religion ‘Conflict’ Lie”
Monday 7 October, 7.30pm, 
Tom McLeish FRS, Professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of York, will be exploring why science and faith aren’t in conflict.

“’We go to another world and God gives us his respect’:
Spirituality and People with Learning Disabilities”
Monday 4 November, 7.30pm,
Rachel Forrester-Jones, Professor of Social Policy at the University of Bath whose research focuses on advancing the social inclusion of vulnerable adults through social networks and social support

The Grave Talk Project

Grave Talk – What Is It All About?

Over the past year, groups of All Saints Church members have begun gathering together to talk about death. No, we haven’t lost our minds, become depressed or run out of things to say. We are trying out a recent Church of England project, designed as a form of ministry for those of all faiths and none, to encourage people to break down the taboo around death. This project is called Grave Talk.

The idea is to get us talking about our feelings around loss, our own death, grief, what a ‘good’ funeral means to us etc. The hope is that taking part in the discussion will get us thinking and talking to our loved ones about our feelings and our ideas about funerals.

Some people took a bit of cajoling to join the first group and most of us felt some level of trepidation and scepticism. What were we doing there, and why would talking about death be a good idea?

Despite all our doubts within a matter of minutes there was a buzz of conversation and laughter running through the room. In fact, people were so keen, it was difficult to bring the session to a close. Now we get people asking when the next session will be.

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