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Your will be done


A Christian response to key environmental issues

Date: Wednesday 5th June 2019

Time: 10 am to 4 pm

Cost: £10 which will include lunch

Venue: St James Church, Church Lane, Finchampstead, RG40 4LU

What does it mean to pray, ‘Your will be done on earth’? What are the big issues in our natural world today? How do they impact on people and what do they have to do with Christian faith and mission? This day will bring an up to date approach to climate change and biodiversity loss, and touch on other issues such as food, water, soil and plastic. How can we understand these issues as Christians an dhow can our response be fully missional?

Martin Hodson is a plant scientist and environmental biologist. He is operations director for the John Ray Initiative (JRI).
Margot Hodson is Rector of the Wychert Vale Benefice in Buckinghamshire. She is on the management boards of both the JRI and A Rocha UK. The Hodsons have written a number of books on faith and environmental issues.

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Café Theologique

Café Theologique

Monday 20 May
Time: 7:30pm

Recycling Old Wineskins? Reading the Old Testament in Context

What should we do with the tricky bits in the ‘Old Testament’? asks Robin Baker, Professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern Studies in the Department of Theology, Religious Studies and Philosophy at the University of Winchester.

Robin has written extensively on the strange world of the Bible including the books of Judges and Jeremiah. His focus is particularly on the relationship between the Old Testament and Assyrian and Babylonian beliefs and cultic practice, and reflections of Mesopotamian literature in the Hebrew Bible.

Venue: Zero Degrees Bar, Bridge Street, Reading RG1 2LR.
No charge, no booking.






The Grave Talk Project

Grave Talk – What Is It All About?

Over the past year, groups of All Saints Church members have begun gathering together to talk about death. No, we haven’t lost our minds, become depressed or run out of things to say. We are trying out a recent Church of England project, designed as a form of ministry for those of all faiths and none, to encourage people to break down the taboo around death. This project is called Grave Talk.

The idea is to get us talking about our feelings around loss, our own death, grief, what a ‘good’ funeral means to us etc. The hope is that taking part in the discussion will get us thinking and talking to our loved ones about our feelings and our ideas about funerals.

Some people took a bit of cajoling to join the first group and most of us felt some level of trepidation and scepticism. What were we doing there, and why would talking about death be a good idea?

Despite all our doubts within a matter of minutes there was a buzz of conversation and laughter running through the room. In fact, people were so keen, it was difficult to bring the session to a close. Now we get people asking when the next session will be.

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