Month: January 2021

Prayer Cycle for January

No 97 January 2021

This month our special focus is on the Parish of Winnersh, St Mary the Virgin and St Catherine Bearwood.

Please pray for:         

Interim Priest in Charge                                     Rev’d James Warren
Priest with PTO:                                                      Rev’d Clifford Smith
Church Warden                                                       Debbie Brunt
Assistant Church Warden – St Mary’s        Anne Warner
Assistant Church Warden – St Catherine’s Joanne Brown
PCC Secretary:                                                        Alison Vacher
Parish Administrator                                            Samantha Robson-Hurst
PCC Treasurer                                                         Derek Manning

In the Parish, please pray:

  • For all involved in the ‘ Next Steps ‘ process of the Parish engagement in discerning ways to better resource and sustain ministry and mission in the future; working towards July 2021 when James Warren will have completed his 3year period of Interim Ministry. 
  • That God’s blessing will rest on the planning committee for the April 2021 to mark 175 years since the consecration of St Catherine’s and for all those who we hope will attend

In the Deanery, please pray for:

  • Our Churches and our worship and fellowship whether we are able to continue worshiping in our Church buildings or on-line through live streaming, video or sound cloud.
  • Those with technical skills who continue to provide these online services and resources.
  • All meetings, business and social held on Zoom or other on-line resources.
  • All who feel side-lined because they do not have the technological knowledge or resources to engage in this way.

In the wider community, please pray:

  • That we will all act responsibly obeying the rules whether we are in Tier 4 or Lockdown.
  • For the lonely that we will keep in contact with them so that they know they are not forgotten
  • For the effects of the pandemic on all our lives, our NHS and the financial state of the country.
  • For all sick with the Covid 19 virus and for those caring for them in hospital or at home.
  • And give thanks for the vaccine and all who have to organise and administer its role out.
  • About the effects of Brexit on our trade and movement round Europe.
  • For those we miss who have died in the past year, that they may Rest in Peace. and Rise in Glory

God our Father, when the earth shakes and the nations are in uproar,
speak, and let the storm be still, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen