Bishop Steven’s visit to the Deanery

Bishop Steven came to Sonning Deanery on March the 1st 2022 (Shrove Tuesday).

He started with Communion at Wargrave Church with the Clergy Chapter before having a conversation over lunch around how the last few years have been, how the parishes feel and how we are looking ahead. He was accompanied by Paul Cowan (his Chaplain and a former Curate of All Saints, Wokingham), Mike Moynagh (New Communities) and Maddy Hayden (part of the Diocesan Comms Team).  After this, Bishop Steven visited Yeldall Manor Rehabilitation Centre, had dinner with local lay leaders hosted by John and Pippa Sutton (John is the Deanery Lay Chair) before finishing with an evening at The Whitty Theatre, Luckley House School. Bishop Steven talked about his background and interests before offering a line-by-line reflection on the Lord’s Prayer as a way of helping us to start Lent well. There was then time for a good range of questions, on everything from the environment and Artificial Intelligence to how to rebuild our links with families and whether the House of Lords has a future in its current form.

Report from the Diocese: Diocese of Oxford | Bishop Steven in Sonning (