Prayer Cycle for November

No. 119 November 2022

This month our special focus is on St Sebastian’s Church.

Please pray for:

Vicar:                                                 In Vacancy

Licenced Lay Ministers:               Russell Shipton, David Hare, Wendy Wickens

Wardens:                                          Mary Unwin and Nigel Wickens

PCC Treasurer:                               John Congram

Pastoral Care Co-ordinator:        Paul and Claire Morrison

Parish Administrator:                   Kirsty Milam

Finance Administrator:                Christina Gorham

PCC Secretary:                               Peter Thompson

Pioneer Youth Worker:                 Marvin Vogel

Family and Youth Pastor:            Amy Vogel

In the Parish, please pray for:

  • The recruitment process for the new incumbent.
  • God to prepare the potential candidates to come forward when the job advertisement in released.
  • All those who have taken on additional responsibilities whilst we are in vacancy and maintaining the life of the church during our vacancy.
  • All our church services, the base services.
  • Involvement with the School assemblies and CU groups
  • All outreach groups: Little Angels parents & toddlers’ group; the Base children & family outreach service.
  • The Friday Night Live youth club that it will continue to thrive and strengthen the links to our community
  • School assemblies and CU groups
  • Share – a charity to reduce food waste by collecting food from shops to distribute round the community on a weekly basis. 
  • And give thanks for the work done by the family and youth pastors

In the Deanery, please pray for:

  • Laura Wheatley Downs and the people of St John the Baptist, Crowthorne as they get to know each other and learn to listen to God together.
  • Winnersh and Bearwood, St Sebastian’s and Ruscombe, Twyford and Hurst as they are in vacancy, and especially for those who are taking on extra responsibilities.
  • The churches of the whole Deanery as they try to support people through the current cost    of living crisis.

In this country, please pray for:

  • Our government and Rishi Sunak, newly appointed Prime Minister, struggling to make wise decisions, in the face of the increase in the cost of living and the energy crisis that they will work together for the good of all the people in the country: finding ways to support those in real financial difficulty.

O Lord, giver of life and source of freedom,
we know that all we have received is from your hand.
You call us to be stewards of your abundance,
the caretakers of all you have entrusted to us.
Help us to always use your gifts wisely and
teach us to share them generously.
May our faithful stewardship bear witness to
the love of Jesus Christ in our lives.

 [from Prayers for Stewardship, Episcopal Diocese of Washington]