Prayer Cycle for October

No. 106 October 2021

This month our special focus is on Arborfield with Barkham and Christ Church Wokingham

Please pray for:

  • Arborfield – Give thanks for God’s safe keeping of the church family over the summer, and the opportunity this autumn to consider once again the wonder of Jesus as we look at Matthew’s gospel together.
  • Barkham – Give thanks for the number of new babies born to the church family over the past year. Pray that we will be able to re-establish a safe and welcoming creche that not only serves new parents, but that encourages other young families to join us.
  • Christ Church – Please pray for the appointment of a new minister to serve the church
  • Church at the Green – Please pray for our children’s groups, as we now have 40 children under 13; giving thankfs for the many children and for wisdom in the organising of teams of leaders

In the Deanery, please pray for:

  • Sonning Deanery Synod as we meet to discuss the Deanery Plan for 2021/22
  • The elections for General Synod which are happening in the next weeks, and for those standing, giving thanks for their willingness to serve and lead.
  • The congregation at St Nicholas, Emmbrook who are dealing with a number of deaths at the moment in a relatively small and tightly knit congregation.
  • For Winnersh and Bearwood and Crowthorne as they settle into a time of vacancy, and for the possibility for reflection and development which that stage allows.
  • As our Parish activities restart, that we will all continue to respect the advice about social distancing and other measurers to keep ourselves and others safe.
  • Our special services celebrating Harvest.
  • Our local Food Banks and the vital role they fulfil.

In the wider world, continue to pray for:

  • All those affected by the regime-change in Afghanistan especially the women and that we will show compassion to those coming to settle in this country.
  • That we will all read and take seriously the IPCC climate report, and act responsibly.
  • Those who will be adversely affected by the ending of the £20 enhancement of Universal Credit on 6 October.

Creator God, you made the goodness of the land, the riches of the sea, and the rhythm of the seasons. As we thank you for the harvest, may we cherish and respect this planet and its peoples, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen