Prayer Cycle for October

No. 130 October 2023

This month our special focus is on the Parish of Winnersh and Bearwood,

Please Pray for:            

Church Wardens:                 Anne Warner, Debbie Brunt

Treasurer:                              Derek Manning

Parish Administrator:           Samantha Robson-Hurst

PCC Secretary:                     Alison Vacher

The PCC Members

Please Pray for the Parish

  • Which has been in vacancy for over 2 years and whilst we are hopeful that we may be making progress please pray that we may be in a position to appoint a priest to guide us forward so that we may start to grow as a parish and serve our community.

In the Deanery, please pray for:

  • The parishes in vacancy, Finchampstead and California, Ruscombe, Twyford and Hurst, Winnersh and Bearwood, Wokingham All Saints and for all of those who are having to step up to take on extra responsibility at the moment.
  • Owlsmoor Harvest Lighthouse and any other harvest services taking place this month.
  • Crowthorne ‘Come and See’ Sunday afternoon informal services for those who wish to explore church.
  • Crowthorne work on ‘Our vision and values process’ in the church.
  • Wargrave, Christmas planning to ensure Services can help folk to discover who the Lord Jesus Christ is!
  • St Peter’s,Knowl Hill, building  work and repairs to create a  place that will facilitate outreach and welcome to all in the area.
  • Wokingham All Saints, the Walter Lectures by guest speakers to offer conclusive evidence for climate change and the likely impact it will have on all aspects of our lives.  Thursday, 12 October, ‘Wokingham Borough Council’s Climate Emergency Action Plan’. Tuesday, 31 October, ‘Energy Efficiency and Climate Action: Transforming Homes and Businesses’.
  • Work with care homes and those who are vulnerable as the anxieties around Covid increase.

In this country, please pray for:

  • All struggling with budgeting due to the high cost of energy as winter approaches.
  • Water Companies to take seriously the pollution of our rivers and sea and will seek to remedy this.
  • All schools and public buildings affected by RAAC (Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) and for all pupils and staff affected by this.

In the world, please pray for:

  • All places where there is war and conflict, especially those continuing to suffer in the ‘forgotten’ war in Yemen.
  • The people of Morocco following the earthquake and Libya in the aftermath of the floods.
  • The world leaders, that they will make wise and just decisions which respect the earth and all that live in it especially those who are poorest and most vulnerable.


Lord, you are ever watchful
and bless us with your gifts;
as you provide for all our needs,
so help us to build only what pleases you;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.