Fr Richard to leave us in July

Announced on Sunday:

Subject to the meeting of the usual legalities, Fr Richard has a new job as Director of Mission and Ministry in the Diocese of Norwich.

Whilst this will be sad news for the Parish, Deanery, Archdeaconry, and Diocese, his new role will be an exciting, stimulating and challenging new direction for Richard. His new role will be all about encouraging discipleship and vocations and new ways of connecting people with Church through chaplaincies and new congregations. It is all about supporting parishes and clergy and lay leaders in the local church. It is a brand new job for the Diocese which makes it doubly exciting.

His last Sunday will be in early to mid July and he will start his new role in September 2024.

It is obviously a big change for everyone after 11 and a half years, for the Lameys in Wokingham, and for the whole Parish and Deanery.

Our prayers are with them as a family, and also with all of us as we begin to look forward to what God is planning for us next as a church and as a parish.